Sirena was created by the Lady of the Sea
From the adventurous spirit of all Pirates.

During her youngest days, she was irresistibly drawn to the famous Irish pirate queen, GrĂ¡inne O’Malley, who stood up to the men in her life (and the Queen of England!). Her strong example gave Sirena the confidence upon which to build her own piratical life.

Like many fae, Sirena has some control over her size. She prefers to remain at her natural, small size when she doesn’t wish to be seen, but on festival days, she is able to be human-sized to join in the fun. On those special days, she has from sun-up to sun-down to enjoy being “big,” but she is sadly unable to use her wings to fly until she is fairy-sized again.

Sirena continues to be ticklish on her wings, at any size.

Sirena’s greatest desire is to sail to every port on the Seven Seas, and spend some time aboard every famous pirate’s ship, watching, learning, treasure-hunting, and sharing in their freedom and adventure!