Koral is a happy-go-lucky mermaid who loves to watch the pirates that come into the port of Nassau. She also loves to play small tricks on them, like singing when no females are around, and putting sea-stars all over the deck of their ships.

One day Koral was sleeping on the edge of the shore when she was discovered by the crew of the Fortune’s Folly. The crew’s musician, Cat, very much liked the mermaid, and wanted to keep her as her own. Koral did not like the idea of being someone’s pet. A tank would be much too small, and living on the deck would just cause her to dry out.

After much argument, the pirates and Koral came to an agreement. Koral would swim along the ship and play with Cat whenever she was bored, and in turn the pirates would give Koral jewels and chocolate whenever she wanted…

Mostly the chocolate.